Security Intelligence Analyst

Job description

Protect the world from cyber attacks with super skills

TL;DR We’re a fast-growing SaaS startup looking to grow our team. DutchSec is looking for someone who is good in surfacing the right information and wants to have an impact on local and national security 


As our new Security Intelligence Analyst, you’ll be a key part of a small, agile operations team. You can look forward to broadening your skill set and learning on-the-go, all while creating something that really matters. Tell us what interests you, and we’ll provide the right environment where you can showcase your talent in the areas you love.


Active defence and deception

By the use of smart artificial intelligence, DutchSec makes cyber security more efficient and meaningful than ever before. How? We catch cyber criminals by creating fake duplicate data environments and studying their behaviour. Also, by knowing how to recognise the right patterns in petabytes of big data, DutchSec can give intelligent context to cyber attacks.


Our team of 15 consists of a team of data enthusiasts, grey hat hackers, passionate developers and former governmental leaders. We love big data, machine learning, artifical intelligence to provide data- and context-driven security. Most people have chosen DutchSec to defend or manage cyber attacks but also because of our innovative security product. We are a curious team that wants to learn from each other every day. Whether its data analysis, developing (Python, Golang) or OSINT, every team member is trusted in his/her own speciality and we do not shy away from teaching each other. 





Intelligence Analyst 

Whether it's government, enterprises or other commercial companies, all clients that we are serving could use our help in making the most of our DutchSec products. When clients start using our product (prevention or response to a direct threat) the DutchSec software will be installed. Whether the situation is in the green zone or critical, (visual) analyses will be made and the corresponding follow-up advice is given about the situation by DutchSec. 


As a Security Intelligence Analyst at DutchSec you will play an important role in making security data meaningful for clients. You will be a valuable member of the operations team that will directly respond to incidents, install DutchSecs software and do both SaaS and on-premise analyses.

Not only do you respond to cyber attacks, but you serve a big part in actively defending by continuously providing the right intelligence with detected anomalies. 


This role is right for you when:

  • You know how to digest the right business intelligence for the specified client needs

  • You have worked with at least 1 if the following technologies: Elastic Search, Hadoop , Spark or MapReduce

  • You at least know how to script in Python, Go 

  • You know about Windows architectures, DNS and event logging

  • You know how to efficiently produce and present (visual) reports 

  • You have experience with OSINT (nice to have)

  • You have experience in the  cyber security domain (nice to have)


We want you to stay

At DutchSec you are given great ownership in how to fulfill your responsibilities. You are free in choosing your work style, but you are also your areas of expertise. Want to pick up some extra coding languages? Or do you want to help out in sales because you feel like you can? At DutchSec we don’t think in cubicles and we want to provide the right conditions where you can be exceptional. 

Here are some other benefits: 

  • Competitive salary that will enable you to perform 

  • Great ownership in how to fulfill your role

  • Growth opportunities both in seniority and in other areas

  • MacBook

  • Travel and phone allowance

  • The opportunity to do workshops and training

  • 25 sunny or snowy holidays

  • The opportunity to learn from a diverse working environment.